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All Rachel Did Was Listen

January 4, 2013 / by Natasha Reilly

all i did was listen is an exceptional book written and illustrated by the incredibly talented Rachel Awes. Rachel is a super colorful, sassy, joyful, down-to-Earth soul whose deep, active listening moves her to create gorgeous works that change the world for the better. Rachel gathered quotes from her psychotherapy clients and wove them together to tell a ver human tale about healing. Her thoughtful reflections combined with her heart-warming images can transform your perspective and inspire you to be a ripple of vibrant electricity in life.

This book arrived during a deeply interesting time in my life. I was attending birthdays and funerals with what felt like equal regularity and I needed something to help keep my life of extremes in check. All i did was listen provided that balance and provided a place of solace while reminding me that while life may feel like a seesaw ultimately, if I listen closely, I will hear profound lessons being whispered in the moments I’m honored to be invited to witness and find a platform on which to stand tall and tell the stories that connect us all.

If you get a chance, grab yourself a copy. I promise you it will be like opening a window in your soul and letting sunshine pour in.

Rachel is a psychologist, author and art playgroundist with a stellar little space you should visit to marinate in some juicy creativity. For more Rachel goodness and to grab your very own copy, click HERE.

Thank you, Rachel for all the beauty and magic you sprinkle upon the world!

Keep listening, creating and sharing always!

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