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Dance in the Deep, Dark Forest

January 7, 2013 / by Natasha Reilly

A Celebration of Wanderers

Original Painting by Natasha Reilly, Copyright 2012.

I used to get so upset and frustrated while watching Dorothy walk along the Yellow Brick road. Yes, the road was quite pretty – dare I say, even sparkly – but it seemed SO confined like walking the plank. I mean EVERYONE knew about that road (and yes, I know that we rarely ever saw people walking the same way save the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Lion and some flying monkeys) because it was the one path to the Wizard right? So tell me – is the originality in that? Only one road???


When she would get pulled off the road for a nanosecond it was SO much more interesting!! I wanted her to toss that basket in the air and go running through the fields screaming, “I’m free Auntie Em, FREE!” I wanted her to fling some paint on the trees and create her own road – maybe a rainbow one.  But she walked the yellow but when she peered into those deep, dark woods that everyone was so fearful of there was a Tin Man, a Scarecrow, flowers that made you fell asleep (ok that wasn’t cool but we all have to learn from our mistakes right?)  and more. Magical things were hidden in those woods that made it exciting, why? Because more often than not it is the things we are told not to do that can bring the greatest rewards. Now I’m not saying you should walk down dark alleys or deep, mountainous wooded areas alone but I am saying that you should hop off the shiny, paved road that’s well worn with other people’s footprints because if you don’t you could miss the very magic of your life.


Following what others have done – writing something where you try to stick to another’s voice or imitate it, painting something that another has painted – will bring you to your final destination with absolutely no excitement, I promise you. But stepping off into that “dark” forest, mistakenly stumbling into the “unknown”, tripping, falling, getting back up, LOSING your way?? YES, YES YES!


Imagine it – you lose your way only to find that the light you seek radiates from your insides! You lose your way only to discover that people you overlooked add profound meaning to your life. You might just climb peaks you never imagined you would just because you can. You might do it to see what you can see while celebrating the beauty of your body and spirit. Here in that forbidden forest you might find yourself cartwheeling even though you swore you didn’t know how or better yet you might just find yourself running and falling down and laughing for no reason whatsoever. You might get messy, very messy. You might make huge happy mistakes and find joy, pain, peace and love in intensities that you never imagined. And you might just find that’s never made you feel more alive! Here in this space that is “unknown”, the space labeled scary because it’s essentially a path that was not blazed by any other soul but you, you might just find yourself making carvings in the ground, painting rocks with words you created to inspire anyone else who may journey along this way.


Here there are no rules made by others for you to follow. Here is this no one telling you where to go and THAT can seem like the scariest thing at first. But then you realize that you have an inner compass – your intuition. You know that thing that people dismiss because someone else said – “…things aren’t done that way”  OR “…no one has ever done that before.” Here in this forest where the Sassy girls roam, here in this forest the ONLY rule is that you make your own rules and you take responsibility for the choices you make.


You see, the only thing that is actually required of you in this life is that YOU be exactly who you are and you do with pride! There are enough people saying things like – “Oh pipe down and be quite. Don’t cause a scene. Why can’t you just do it this way? Why do you have such a hard time listening?” There are enough people saying – “That’s the not the way it’s done.”


And what if I say, or you and I say – “Who cares?” Or “So what that’s the way it’s always been done, I want to do it this way.” Well, if we dare to stand up tall we might end up being called “bitches.” Someone might say, “She’s so difficult to work with/live with/be with” And you know what, if me standing up for what I want makes me all those things than I say BRING It! Because there are MORE souls out there who will say, “Yes that’s exciting. I want to try it that” OR better yet, “You’ve inspired me to try it MY way and live the way I want to live!”


In the end, I know this is my story to tell. The naysayers are not telling my story. And so, I say it’s time to dance in the forest under the moon with my wild, sassy sisters. It’s time to create something so powerful people from all around notice big puffs of vibrant  color smoke exploding – POOF POOF – above the tree line of the forbidden forest that reaches far and wide to dance with the stars. They hear laughter and music. It’s time to create stories that will become legend and forage roads that lead out of the forest – new roads – created by souls like us, the ones who are passionate for life, who dance and cartwheel – that lead to the ocean, to the stars and to worlds we haven’t even imagined yet.


And so I ask, are you ready to blaze new trails? Are you ready to dance, cartwheels and twirl through the air under the stars letting the voices of the naysayers burn away with the setting sun and allow dreams – NEW dreams that could change the whole face of your life’s landscape emerge?


If yes, be ready for the forest is calling and opening its wild doors very soon!


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