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Something That Scares Me

January 8, 2013 / by Natasha Reilly

I am trying to do one thing that scares me everyday of 2013.



2 thoughts on “Something That Scares Me

  1. rowena says:

    everything scares me lately. I feel like I’m heading into the big time.

    Is this what happens when you quit your job and commit to focusing on your dreams?

    I packaged up the seven (SEVEN!) orders I got from my etsy shop this week. I am trying to keep marketing my artwork on pinterest even though I’m scared my followers will get sick and tired of my flipping artwork. I commented on the etsy blog feature of… ME! well, of my etsy art pin board. I can’t believe that reaching out to etsy about pinning art led to me being featured on the blog, and let me tell you THAT was scary. I don’t know if this is the start of something but I feel like it is, and so now everything scares me.

    Plus, I worked on my novel again today so that I can finish my synopsis and send it out into the big world to be a grown up published novel someday.

    I’m even finding commenting on your post to be kind of scary, to tell the truth.

    I’m just a big ole chicken.

  2. Natasha Reilly says:

    YES, YES, YES Rowena!!! YES!!! I am SOOOOOO excited and proud of you SOOOOO excited and proud!!! YOU are doing it!!! I LOVE that you quit your job so you could follow your dreams….and those 7 sales are because you have said to the Universe I’m ready and the Universe said back YES we’ve been waiting. This is not shocking to me – your art should be out in the world (Flying Girl is going up in my daughters room!!!!!!!! You are SOOO not a chicken you are a BRAVE soul!! You are SO brave to comment, to work on that novel (which I WANT to read) and to be moving along this path EVEN when you are scared. You are an inspiration to me and to EVERY person who reads this!! I am including a link to your shop here because everyone needs to see your work. SOOO proud of you…let’s be chickens together BIG hugs and SOO much love to you xoxox

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