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The Tempting Question

January 11, 2013 / by Natasha Reilly

Questionable Kitty

Original Painting by Natasha Reilly, © 2013


Trusting that you know what needs to be created is a true test of heart. The entire time I was painting this my head kept saying, “What are you doing? A cat? You don’t even have a cat!” But my intuition was saying, “A cat. Yes, you need to bring a cat to life.” Reluctantly, I listened and I have to say I’m so glad I did.

I love this cat. I love the way this piece opened ideas within me about the importance of asking questions in life. All too often we blindly accept what we are told. However we are all responsible for our own stories so when it comes to a story we have not lived but instead have been told, we must ask questions. Questions allow us to see life from a new perspective and open our hearts and minds to see without using our eyes. They invite us to challenge ideas so that we might better understand them. Questions are the sunlight that allows passion for our beliefs to grow.

Yes, this cat – tempted though she may be – knows her limits (knowing her limits makes her limitless) and knows just the right number of questions she needs to ask in order to let her beautiful, colorful, passionate soul blossom.

Happy Paint Party Friday!

17 thoughts on “The Tempting Question

  1. Suzy says:

    Hi Natasha!

    I love that you listened to your inner voice and painted the cat. The colors are happy and passionate inside the cat. I like it very much. Happy PPF!

  2. Natasha Reilly says:

    Suzy!! Thanks so much for your amazing words. You made my day!! And I love that you stopped by. BIG, PPF cartwheels from me to you!!

  3. sharon says:

    Beautiful cat, really love the colours, it is so happy and at peace with its world.

  4. Natasha Reilly says:

    Thank you so much, Sharon! I actually had a blast creating this one once I got rolling! At peace with it’s world – I dig that!! Thank you for being here and for your incredible words!!

  5. Annette G says:

    Loving your colourful cat and the story behind it. Happy PPF, Annette x

  6. Faye says:

    What a gorgeous multicolored cat, Natasha!

  7. annkrier says:

    LOVE your style and this kitty – happy PPF !

  8. Mary Walker says:

    I had to know what Creative Nachos was glad I did

  9. Love all the wonderfully brilliant colors and patterns!
    Happy PPF!!

  10. Natasha Reilly says:

    Annette!! I am so happy you stopped by and loved the cat and tale (yup terrible pun completely intended. lol) Thank you so much for being here and for your words!!

    Faye! Thank you, thank you, thank you for being here and for your words. The enthusiasm in your words made me want to cartwheel!

    Annkrier – WOW you just made me dance around the room. Thank you SO much for your words and for swinging by!!

    Mary Walker I, too, am SO glad you came by – I hope to see you and everyone here again. You all bring such sunlight!

    Mary C. Nasser YAY! YAY! YAY! Thank you for loving all the colors and such.

    Happy PPF everyone!!!

  11. giggles says:

    Well you must know I love the whimsy of your cat and the scrumptious color!! Awesome work that makes me happy!!

    Hugs Giggles

  12. Ana says:

    This little kitty is so adorable! I love his colors :)

  13. Linda K says:

    what a creative and wonderful outcome, all because you heeded your inner voice.Great work!!! Happy PPF!

  14. Natasha Reilly says:

    Giggles – (LOVE that you are giggles I just think that is magnificent!) thank you SO much for your words …you have simply made me giggle with delight! Cartwheeling hugs from me to you!

    Ana, thank you SOOOOOO much for being here and for your words…I am a HUGE fan of her colors too lol! BIG hugs!

    Linda K – Thank you so much for your support. I could feel it in your words and it made me glow. Happy PPF to you!!

  15. Lynn says:

    Lover of my cat! Yours makes a cute playmate!

  16. I am glad you listened to your inner voice – that is a lovely painting. I especially love the multi-colored cat. Great job – Happy PPF

  17. Natasha Reilly says:

    Lynn!! You are sooo funny!! Yes this cat is SUPER fun to hang with! Thanks sooo much for stopping by it :)

    Gina!! Thank you so very much for ALL if your words – you filled me with such happiness!! And thank you for celebrating following the inner voice :)

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