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NO, I Will NOT Keep It Down!

January 29, 2013 / by Natasha Reilly

No, I will NOT keep it down!!

Original Painting by Natasha Reilly © 2013


She has been the “good girl.” She has been quiet and polite, often holding her tongue and compromising her truth. She has beaten herself up for being too loud, rocking the boat and not being who everyone else wants her to be. And she’s NOT going to anymore. This is a Sassy Girl Rebellion. She says,

“This is my voice. It is BIG but not too much – never too much. As I unleash it, I am unleashing the very best parts of me. When I share it, I am acknowledging that I am a creation filled like a Christmas present with unique magic.

I will raise my arms and open my mouth with eyes closed because I don’t need to see your reaction to know that sharing my voice is ok. I don’t need to study your eyes, your mouth and your gestures to see if what I have to say is pleasing to you. I did not come here to dress up my thoughts in a pretty box wrapped in a bow for you to open and merely utter, “Pretty.” I came here for me.

I came here to share the powerful, unforgettable, unrelenting strength and magnificent, playful, stunning beauty that’s inside of me. I came here to be the honest, vulnerable, open, witty, brave, funny, unsure, breathtakingly me, I know I am.

I may not always know how my voice will come out – it might be spoken, written, drawn, painted. It may be in the way I dress, the way I move my hands or simply in a glance. I never really know what shape it will take but I do know this….

This is my voice.
It is a beat,
a word,
a song.

This is my voice.
It is free,
a poem.

This is my voice.
It is bristles,
Droplets of color,
a painting.

This is my voice.
It is flowing,
a dance.

This is my voice.
It is an idea,
the pen stroke,
the sketch.

This is my voice.
It is a blossom,
nurturing food,
a garden.

This is my voice.
It is symphony of color,
joy on the night sky,

This is my voice.
It is the deep and rolling,
shrouded in mystery,
an ocean.

This is my voice.
It is endangered,
a wild animal.

This is my voice.
It is naked,
my baby.

This my voice.
It is warmth,
The sun.

This is my voice.
It is glittering stars,
luna love,
the expansive night sky.

This is my voice.
It is the salve,
The bandage,

This is my voice.
This is me.
– Natasha Reilly 2013

I’ve been in a reflective space that has tapped into every emotion. Truly, it’s been an incredible period of time and now things are bubbling forth. Exciting things are coming. Keep an eye out of the next Nachos newsletter.

7 thoughts on “NO, I Will NOT Keep It Down!

  1. Tracie says:

    Rooooooaaaaaaaarr mama!

  2. Natasha Reilly says:

    Holy MAMA! Tracie I was ON YOUR blog last night and went to leave a comment about your latest journal page and it wouldn’t let me!!!! I’m going back over AND this morning I was thinking about our collaboration – remember that?? We need to play like that again!!!! Love ya ROARING mama!

  3. Indigo says:

    Best voice ever!
    Keep on singing Sister!!!

  4. Natasha Reilly says:

    I will so long as you sing with me, Indigo!!!! Love you xoxo

  5. Natasha says:

    I read this and thought YES! My journey inward and now outward has led me to this place of knowing my voice and even more of wanting to share my voice now. To not being afraid of what everyone else thinks. So incredible this world and the connections and reflections we find which so echo our own hearts and remind us we are not the only ones in the arena doing battle. Love you. xx

  6. Cillabella says:

    Oh Natasha I love your poem. It expresses so well what you feel and what I feel too! Getting into your own voice, hearing it and acknowledging it, is like a revolution going on inside! Thank you sister!

  7. Natasha Reilly says:

    Natasha I am standing RIGHT by your side in this arena! We will battle together!!! Love you xoxoxox

    Cillabella! YAY!!! Another revolutionary – we will get our voices out into the world and celebrate!! Thank YOU – sisters, revolutionary sisters! xoxox

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