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Love Inspires Love

February 4, 2013 / by Natasha Reilly

Love Inspires Love

Original Painting by Natasha Reilly, 2013

As I sat with this painting, I had a strong feeling that it had something to do with love but I wasn’t sure what. Then while listening to a talk yesterday I was struck with the image of the heart and people dancing or celebrating. I was also struck by the idea that people should “do what they love” – an idea I firmly which I believe – but I took it one step further in thinking that they should do what they love with love. When you are sharing yourself and the things that move your soul with another, love is transferred. Like confetti it falls down upon everyone around you.

I’m not sure that this painting conveys my thoughts or feelings adequately but it has inspired another work. Love has been transferred.

Love inspires love,



4 thoughts on “Love Inspires Love

  1. Natashia, this painting exudes love. I feel the energy and joy. Thank you for sharing this.
    It makes me happy.

  2. Natasha Reilly says:

    Terri, I could just grab you right now and dance around with you. I love that you feel the joy and it made you happy. YOU made me happy coming here to share! SOO very happy. LOVE to you! xoxoxo

  3. Tracie says:

    indeed so much joy in that love confetti! I think this may be my most favorite of your paintings yet….BTW YOU are love.

  4. Natasha Reilly says:

    Tracie!!! YOU just made my day…thank you, thank you, thank you! Yeah I had fun with this one I had NO idea where I was headed! LOL! BIG, cartwheeling, paint splattered hugs my friend!! xoxoxoxox

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