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Reconnecting and Stepping Into the Unknown

March 5, 2013 / by Natasha Reilly

I am so thankful to Selina Barker for inviting me to check out the AMAZING 30 Day Challenge that she and John Williams, author of Screw Work, lead. The moment I read about it and heard her talk about it I knew I simply had to take a leap. It is changing my life for the better. I’m so thrilled to step back into this Nacho arena. Lots will be happening here so come play!

6 thoughts on “Reconnecting and Stepping Into the Unknown

  1. Julia says:

    Natasha, I just LOVE your honest, open, authentic, vulnerable self. You are so beautiful and real and I can’t wait to connect with you more, both here and on the 30DC. It’s an exciting path you are on (though yes, the not knowing can make us feel a little uneasy), me too, so many of us feel all these things you express so well as we take that leap of faith and just PLAY and do the things we love and amazing goodness will flow. I totally believe in you. With love. xxxx

  2. Natasha Reilly says:

    Julia!! Julia!!! Julia!!! YOU have no idea what a complete and total inspiration you are to me. I truly agree – I can’t wait to connect with you more. Your creative heart is a beacon. Thank you for you words and I love that we are all taking this leap. Soo believe in YOU! Cartwheeling hugs and love xoxox

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  4. Tracie says:

    I’ve been cocooning too! Oh we are on such similar paths so often it’s kinda creepy. I congratulate you on taking the time you need and for also stepping into the unknown. Go girl! Creating art from the heart = swoon!

  5. aimee says:

    HI, CUTE YOU!!!

  6. Natasha Reilly says:

    Tracie!!I’ve missed you!!!!! Yes we do seem to follow similar paths how cool is that?? Are you emerging from the cocoon too?? We need to catch up and play creating art from the heart!

    Aimee!!! Helloooooo you fabulous being!! How are ya????

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