Love You 2

A little over a month ago, a friend sent along a link to a video about The Love Note Writer: Shannon Weber on Karma Tube. I was so moved by how this woman was working to change the world and then she said something that struck me.

“Then I’m going to get an airplane and I’m gonna fly everywhere and sprinkle the whole world with love notes.”

Immediately I knew that a piece of art I’d created months before was for this amazing woman! So, I reached out to her. I shared my work, she shared hers and what I discovered is she is ALL heart. She’s warm, colorful, funny, smart, magnificent love and I am SO glad she’s in the world so I need to share her with you. Please watch the following video and definitely pop by her site. Shannon, thank you for making the world more beautiful by simply being YOU!

AND thank you for sharing my art and story with your world! I loved this piece – A Little love: A wonder of a guest


Make a Wish

Original Photo by Natasha Reilly ©2014

Do you remember these? As a kid I remember scouring the grass in summer looking for them so I could make a wish. At that time, I’d close my eyes, make the wish and then hope and pray it would come true. That kind of wish-making followed me into adulthood. I’d wish for the right job, person, moment and then wait as though the most you could do was wish and the Universe would decide whether or not you were deserving of it coming true. It never occurred to me that I had to work toward that wish as well.

My daughter brought this to me on my 40th birthday.

“Come on Mom, let’s make a wish,”  she said. So we were both quiet for a moment before we sent all those little petals dancing along the wind.

Then she proceeded to tell me her wish. She’s not good at keeping them a secret which I see as pure wisdom. Even though she is young she knows that wishes take collaboration and work. In sharing, there is a greater chance that together we can make that wish come true. Her wish happened to be that I would make a super yummy, colorful painting. Guess what I’m doing today?

Now, I close my eyes and I don’t just think the words but instead I actual visualize what I am wishing for and as I send my wish dancing through the Universe I send along a promise to work toward it as well because working together is what brings about the magic.

Do you make wishes?

Playful Imagination

SurpriseAs I sat down at the table this morning, I came face to face with this little surprise. This is my daughter’s work. Tickled by the colors and expression I asked her to tell me about what she had created. With a shy smile and a shrug of the shoulders she said, “Just a little creature who was living in my imagination.” I ask you is there anything in the world better than imagination?

Or taking this a bit further, how often do you find inspiration that sets your imagination on fire to begin creating? This inspired me. It was not just how she put this together but she put it somewhere so that it became a secret surprise. I sit down at my table each day and I know the things on its surface so well I almost don’t see them. The simple act of bringing something within to life and allowing it to be a playful centerpiece caused me to see my world – really see it – in a whole new light today. I felt wide awake.

My daughter inspired me to create something and leave it for my family to discover. Today I invite you write a little post-it note, doodle a little picture, do a little something and leave it somewhere for people to find. I’m going to leave my doodle in the fridge and see how long it takes before someone finds it. I bet come dessert time when we all raid the fridge for that little piece of something yummy (chocolate) it will be found.

Brand NEW Imaginenachos Course!

Imginachos 1

We are amazing creatures. Whatever we can imagine we can make happen and yet far too often we find ourselves feeling as stale as old bread. It’s as though we forget the power we have when we tap into our imagination and play. We seem to think that imagination and play is for children and yet it is through those two beautiful things that children and even animals learn and grow so why would we ever stop imagining and playing??

This one-month workshop will fill you up with bite-sized morsels of creative goodness. It will push you out of your comfort zone, make you laugh out loud, play with wild abandon, and fill your life and your life’s work with a new sense of joy and creativity.

In this class, you will:

-       Learn how to shift gears and change perspective when you are feeling stuck

-       Play with new creative writing techniques that will crack open and enliven your writing    whether you are writing for a blog, for business or pleasure

-       Learn how to use something as simple as your camera phone to embrace new ways  of looking at things and connect with others

-       Explore how amazingly freeing and fun it can be to kiss your perfectionistic tendencies goodbye while creating hilariously “ugly” art

-       Experience the way play will open doors in your creativity and your life

-       Enjoy various videos, exercises and downloadable PDF’s

-       Have Natasha celebrating your work and cheering you on as well as a fabulous imaginative community.


When you leave this class, you will take away:

-       A greater sense of joy and gratitude for your life and life’s work

-       Inspiring works of creative writing, photography and art created from your authentic heart

-       A new excitement to share your voice and your playful heart with others

-       A desire to continue using your imagination in ways you haven’t in years!

So are you ready to start? Give yourself permission to play, imagine, dream and have loads of fun for one month!

This $49.00 self-paced, online course begins on March 30st, 2014.

Hope to see you there!

This course is now closed.

Willingness to Play

Altered Page

Original Altered Book Art Journaling Page

Natasha Reilly ©2014

Recently, I sat down to create alongside my kids and started to create. My intention was  to play and experiment and that led me to so many incredible observations.

My son is three and good at it. His normal focus is on everything at once; he hungers to learn all he can about the world. He devours everything in large gulps and often exclaims his excitement, joy or love for things out loud. But when he paints his attention is centered, grounded, there is nothing in the world that can shake him. He explodes with a sense of wonder. “Mom, look at that color! I LOVE this, it’s a turtle can you see the turtle?” His sister encourages him in a million ways, most recently to use his fingers instead of his brush to paint. Though initially unsure, he put down his brush and tired. Wonder grabbed hold and he erupted like a volcano of wonder. His sister was delighted.


My daughter has loved to paint for as long as I can remember; art is her world. When she paints she always finds a new focus and yesterday she discovered “original” color. “Look what I created Mom! Look at that color. You can’t find that paint anywhere because I created it.” She’s right. The blending she found in that moment could not be repeated because it was born from her sense of play and discovery. I loved that sense of creation and magic. I love what we are all capable of.


Much like a child, I found myself in a state of wonder as well. Altered books are my thing – specifically art journaling and playing in an altered children’s board book. I love the feel of the pages and the possibilities. I began by testing some new inks. I let them run along the pages marveling at colors and trying to understand how they would move along this surface. In the end the page looked like a marching band had come through and left a trail of streamers and confetti behind. I sat with that awhile as stories about that marching band moved through my brain. I looked up to see my daughter using one of my all time favorite colors and I had to play with it. It moved over the inks and an underwater world was born. Another story began to take shape in my brain about scuba diving in the ocean, mermaids and coral. Isn’t it amazing what creating inspires in us?


All of this caused me to think about the things we have hidden within. Yes there are times we hide parts of who we are, parts of our stories but what about the gifts we have that we haven’t discovered yet? If you think about it, we are like those dolls that open up and there’s another one inside and another and another till we find that adorable little one that is adorned with gorgeous color and design at the heart of it all.

What is it that causes use to access those new gifts and explore what is within? Often Our lives so often become filled with routines – work, getting the kids ready for school, even the ways to and from home become programmed. Unless we make a conscious decision to change things up we may use the same things within us over and over and forget to explore. That’s when we become as stale as old bread.


Questions. Children are always asking why. They are always pushing the envelope to see what something will become. They ask with their words and their hands and their eyes and their beings. So why do we stop as though we’ve learned everything there is to learn? Why do we dismiss “play” as something meant for kids? We live on a planet that is constantly evolving and we are still discovering sea life we’ve never seen, animals we’ve never seen. So why do we get some comfortable and forget to make playful discoveries?


When we use a new art supply or take something in our home and use it in a new way we feel that spark. If only for an instant, it’s there. A reminder, a call to your soul. There is this feeling of excitement because you are seeing something in a new light and if you were to hold onto that thread of “new” perfpective you would see that it carries through your entire day. That one, small spark inspires might inspire you to say hello to someone you do not normal interact with or deviate from your normal path home. You are more apt to try something new when you have allowed yourself to feel that little spark of excitement in shifting perspective. It’s a gift you can give to yourself each and every day if you want. I try to remember that because doing that makes me feel like I am living life and experiencing it firsthand. I am the person who is in living the story, I’m not simply being told about it.


As I finished this painting, I found noticed something extraordinary. The lines began to make me think of a forest and I had this feeling that there was something emerging from that forest. As I played with the inks on the bottom I started to see forms in the dark forest. Are they moving out into the light? Have I stumbled upon a secret world? Are they friends or foes?


What I do know is that a door opened to something deeper and I felt a spark. All I needed to unlock it was some art, an intention to play and an openness to explore without fear. I entered with a sense of childlike wonder and now that I’m here  I’m eager to see what more I find on my altered art book art journaling adventure.

When is the last time you allowed yourself to play for no other reason then to see what would happen?

And the Winners Are…..



And the winners of the memberships to 21 Secrets LIVE! 2014 are 

Lanie J. and Yvette!! 

Congratulations to you both!! I will be sending along information.

Thank you to everyone who participated in all areas online!! I LOVED all the answers.

There will be more fun giveaways coming soon :)